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Samsung mobile phone shipments have peaked last year

Author : Date : 2015-12-16 9:51:48
 Smartphone market growth to slow in nearly 1 years, in addition to the Apple (Apple), the Apple machine factory brand impact is more obvious this year, including China brand millet, Korea samsung (SUMSANG), and domestic brands, HTC (HTC), etc., this year's shipments are not favored by foreign capital, shipments of samsung in the Apple machine, more regarded as the "peak" shipments, was under foreign shipments and target price.

U.S. foreign thought, samsung low order model of demand downturn, second revised down its shipments, expected this year season 2 shipments only 76 million, annual shipments of 379 million teams, and next will be decreasing year by year, in 2016 to 2016, only 363 million to 2017, are far less than 2014, 405 million, also is equal to announced the samsung mobile phone shipments, has peaked in 2014;At the same time, samsung target price was also cut, from the original 1.6 million won, revised to 1.45 million won.

U.S. foreign investment has been previously expected profits will continue to decline, samsung's smartphones will drop to 5% by 2017, less than a third of the 2014 annual 16%;The other samsung's high-end mobile phones shipments (including the Galaxy S and Note, etc), also only will be accounted for 27% of overall shipments.

After last year's fourth quarter, the apple smartphone in the global market, apple iPhone printed circuit board sales trend hit the white-hot, and part of the mobile phone market growth slowing, many international market research institutions, have been revised down the smartphone shipments and sales this year.

Millet, chairman and CEO lei jun, is pointed out that the millet under the condition of the smartphone market growth this year, is still in the first half of the year in 34.7 million global sales;But since this is millet posted a statistical delivery, declined for the first time once, millet shipments in the latter half of the year of 35 million.(times) of China