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Robot came to China market rapidly emerging global 1/4 industrial robots

Author : Date : 2015-12-16 9:52:46
 Over the past decade, China's manufacturing labor costs rose nearly 12% a year, say goodbye means made in China are cheap.So, people focused attention on the industrial robot, due to more industrial robots in the reduction of labor costs, pcb assembly reduce labor risk, played a huge role in improving product quality.Sales of industrial robots in China, 2014, 57000 units, 55% from a year earlier, accounts for about a quarter of the total global market sales, has two years in a row as the world's largest industrial robot market.

Important reason to push forward the rise of robot market rapidly, is economic factor.In the past few years, China's labor costs continue to rise quickly, according to the national bureau of statistics, the manufacturing industry of our country town worker salary is 15700 yuan in 2005, and by 2012 had risen to 41500 yuan.The cost of industrial robots in recent 10 years, in contrast, has fallen by about 50%.As a substitute for the welding robot of the men's work, for example, currently costs 200000 yuan, the equivalent of three welding workers a year wages, or for a year in the cost of the robot can realize recycling.It is only a Ming zhang.

Robots don't eat not to drink, no emotion, not sabotage, completely obey your predefined instructions.The management cost was much lower than the artificial.And people once appear, inductrial injury accident, the enterprise will face a huge compensation, the robot would not have such a risk.With the rising cost of manpower and the falling cost of robots, predictably, the robot's competitive advantage will be more and more obvious.

In China, 50% of the industrial robot used in auto manufacturing, more than 50% for welding robot;Automobile industry in developed countries, more than 53% of the robots, robot total ownership.According to statistics, the world's largest car manufacturer, produces the robot number per million cars have for more than 10 sets.With the continuous development of robot technology and perfected, industrial robots will play a great role in promoting to the development of auto industry.