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Puguang executives collective run doubt samsung samsung contract default on its sum unpaid

Author : Date : 2015-12-21 8:49:16
 According to understand, June 26 afternoon, tianya, one Posting fact, said Han Guopu light group's optoelectronic technology (suzhou) co., LTD. (also known as light electric technology co., LTD., hereinafter referred to as gps tracking the world without electricity) executives collective run, default employee wages and suppliers, bank money, today's optoelectronic company gate for many days by the rights of employees and suppliers containment packed, but as time has not been clear response.


Without electricity is by Han Guopu light group in April 2007 in wujiang city, jiangsu province economic development zone set up a wholly foreign owned enterprise.The company is located in wujiang economic development zone library city road, covers an area of 28 acres, a total investment of $29.5 million, mainly engaged in the new electronic components (optoelectronic devices/new mechanical and electrical components) development and production, the main products are SAMSUNGTFT - LCD source PBA and computer monitors motherboard.

Fact, according to the Korea national legal representative missing in the evening on June 12, followed by Korea's national finance minister, on June 15 night missing, and made it clear that don't go back to China, pcb assembly while China's finance minister Gu Ying carry company seal and relevant documents lost.Now all the company's assets have been transferred, improper operation, 2 months production, 7 days company PMC warehouse materials have been cleared, office supplies was also asked to clean up all employees.


In addition, according to the end of the world community's light electric staff complaints and the company's failure to pay all employees for 3 months, before the shutdown unprepared employees, now suddenly unemployed workers, to the government for help.The labor department and bank on June 24, learned of the interior of the world without electricity, clear solution has yet to give employees and suppliers.