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Printed circuit board industry core trend appeared for a new growth

Author : Date : 2015-12-21 8:50:43
 Electronics and semiconductor industry under the wave of global mobile Internet and intelligent household, is facing a new growth space, and will be "made in China 2025" as the national strategy of China, in which the status printed circuit board of a looming core trend.

Date, according to the world's leading printed circuit board manufacturers Mr Winters' latest fiscal year 2015/16 half September (4-2015) results showed that sales of 302 million euros from the same period last year rose to 387 million euros, or 28.2%, more than the industry average single-digit gains (half of growth is affected by positive rates change caused by).

PCB (Printed Circuit Board), Chinese name called Printed Circuit Board, is the electronic components of the connection platform, widely used in smart phones, personal computers and other electronic products, generally is a common green, led light or brown), Circuit Board to connect integrated circuits, transistors, diodes and other components.As long as there are integrated circuits and other electronic components, electrical interconnection between them is to use the PCB, is upstream of intelligent terminal products such as mobile phones, tablet.

In Mr Winters' sales accounted for 59% of contribution to the business by the mobile pcba device and sealing load board, 41% sold to car (such as navigation, driving assistant system), industry (such as the Internet of things), health (such as hearing AIDS, monitor) in the field of applications.The demand of the mobile devices, especially in the smartphone industry, is still the PCB enterprise's main source of income.