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PCB after king shares plummeted as F - "ding plate below one hundred yuan

Author : Date : 2015-12-12 7:22:10
 Listed ark of printed circuit board industry chain "king" county science and technology (6269), "after" F - "ding technology (4958) today (8) has tumbled, Taiwan county drop especially big and below 130 yuan, the F -" ding plate break one hundred yuan "club".

County, pcb assembly F - "ding with apple, flexible printed circuit board (FPC) supply chain synchronization on operating this year, especially has entered the stage of shipment apple a new generation of the iPhone, this season is optimistic.

June revenue of 1.427 billion yuan, a county of record calendar year in June, contrarian month increased by 1.25%, increased 82.82%;Before June, 8.221 billion yuan, also record the same calendar year, increase 78.43%.

2 Taiwan county revenue of 4.191 billion yuan, record the same calendar year, also refresh quarterly saw 3 calendar year, quarter increased 3.97%, the year increased by 99.86%.

F - ding has yet to be released on June revenue, in May of 6.412 billion yuan, of record may calendar year, month increased by 0.44%, increased 22.38%;Before the May 30.601 billion yuan, also create the same calendar year