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Introduction To PCB Delivery Management Of The Enterprise

Author : Date : 2015-12-8 21:44:37

Competition in today's society is a talent competition, management, competition, and in P CB in the management of the enterprise competition, the most value of competition is the quality management and delivery management competition, in the face of fierce market competition, delivery management has become the powerful weapon, quality win the market after management priority here just want to talk about the problem of what people care about most -- P C B enterprise how to manage the delivery date.

1.PCB production type and problems

We all know that depending on the type of the production of the enterprise can be divided into two kinds, one kind of demand is planned (BT N) : refers to the sales department according to the product and market conditions, and previous sales, growth, market share, sales method, etc to do sales forecast, according to the forecast to set a minimum stock of finished products, and plans to produce a type;Is another production order T O (B) : refers to don't need to do a sales forecast, arrange production after received customer order one type, and P C B type is belong to the order production enterprise, so how to arrange the manpower, material and equipment is the key to complete the production.

2.PCB enterprise production operation process

Then we look at the general P CB enterprise production operation process:

Figure 1 production processes

According to many years of experience and experience, play a key role in the above process on the date of delivery of a few link is order review, production planning, material procurement and manufacturing, but often these links has not brought to the enough attention.

On how to complete the above four link below for a further discussion.

2.1 order review

PCB enterprise after received customer order information should be detailed entry according to customer requirements, the E R P management enterprise, directly into the computer to computer management of the enterprise also is not to use registration form in detail, after registering for order review, distinguish between general orders and special orders.We usually put, there is a special customer requirements or product requirements beyond the company's enterprise standard order as special order, in TS16949 quality management system, order review is a very important link, once as a special order, sales, production, quality, procurement, technology and other departments for joint review, to maximize meet customer needs, some special orders also asked the production department prepare the quality plan, quality tracking supervision department.But some small businesses tend to ignore the management review this one, whenever customers have orders, we can't do, no matter whether it has conditions meet the requirements, and finally make the enterprise into a tailspin.Delivery can't keep up with trouble, technology, equipment ability insufficiency, the detection technology does not pass, the material has been slow in place, and many other factors restricting the development company, so a good healthy enterprise development must make order review this ring.

2.2 the production plan

"So do not do plan, enterprise production," this is some of the lack of management of enterprise leaders often say a word, is your production plan is critical to the production of P C B.Due to the complexity of P c B enterprise production process, delivery time is short, so the production cycle should be given priority to with weekly production plan and production plan, also can do a few delivery longer order monthly plan, how to make the production plan is also very important.In order to make the production plan, first of all, we want to introduce a concept - capacity, that is to say, production capacity: this refers to the equipment in a certain period of time can output the number of products, usually in time "capacity = x production area" as the calculating method, find out the company's weakest link capacity and capacity of the largest segment, and therefore can be divided into the normal production capacity and maximum capacity.Normal production capacity is the average annual production equipment usage, and the largest capacity refers to the maximum yield production equipment can output the highest load or can arrange.