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How Chinese core from global mergers and acquisitions boom to break

Author : Date : 2015-12-12 7:19:56
 Research and development costs is high, coupled with the advent of the era of Internet of things, the international chip industry once again usher in mergers and acquisitions, oligarchic trend intensified.For China's chip industry, international merger and acquisition tide in bring more opportunities at the same time, also to remind, just buy technology/patent has to go.

M&a tide again

Recently, the U.S. chip giant Intel corp. announced to total $16.7 billion pcba acquisition of leading manufacturers Altera programmable logic chips (Altera).The acquisition has created the largest amount recorded in the history of Intel's m&a.

The acquisition of altera Intel is value for the benefit of Intel's fastest-growing data center business with stronger competitiveness.By big data and cloud computing worldwide popularity, the current data center for Intel processor with $14.4 billion in annual revenue, its annual growth rate of 18%.Is following the PC processor, Intel's second "cornucopia".

Intel's acquisition of altera is kill two birds with one stone, not only get the data chip technology monopoly ability, also can strengthen the layout in mobile, networking.In 2014, Intel mobile chip sales of more than $200 million, fell by 80% compared with 2013.

Intel's acquisition of altera is just the latest wave of global m&a tide waves chip.In the year to march, its anwar high-tech in $37 billion in cash and stock acquisition chip maker broadcom;The Dutch grace semiconductor manufacturers think pu company for about $11.8 billion for freescale semiconductor manufacturers.Microchip technology companies in the United States in May announced a merger of merit semiconductor company.This year, according to market research firm Dealogic prediction, or around $80 billion in total amount chip industry mergers and acquisitions.