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Ammat "2015 China anticorrosion summit held in Shanghai"

Author : Date : 2015-12-7 17:33:48

On July 2, ammat chemical co., LTD. Held the "2015 China anticorrosion summit" in Shanghai, vice President of China surface engineering association and secretary-general metrologic and from domestic automakers, ammat customers, "said plating - ammat" scholarship represents more than 300 people attended the meeting.


Ammat chemical co., LTD., President of Reinhard Schneider do "ammat - your sustainable future partner" keynote report, this paper introduces the ammat development company, has invested in global leading technology, strategy can meet the needs of the industry custom technologies and services.In recent years, through continuous research and development products to reduce 5% poisonous and harmful material.Ammat is an expert in electroplating technology and zinc aluminum coating technology, from the previous to the future, has been committed to investment staff, technical scheme, technology center and production, wholeheartedly for customer service.


Ammat Gertjan van der Wal "welcome to the world of the surface treatment" as a technical report.The application field of surface modification was introduced in detail.


Chen Xinyi from domestic auto manufacturers, in view of the "gm metal corrosion quality standard" report, automotive anti-corrosion standards and technical conditions are introduced.


China surface engineering association vice President and secretary-general of metrologic, ammat (China) chemical co., LTD. General manager Mr Chih-hai Yang


Ammat chemical co., LTD., vice President of Li Jinxian, ammat (China) chemical co., LTD. General manager Mr Chih-hai Yang


China surface engineering association vice President and secretary general metrologic, communications manager, ammat (China) chemical co., LTD. General manager Mr Chih-hai Yang

Meeting is still ongoing, the China association for electroplating network (, China's surface treatment network ( will continue to report for you.

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About "where the plating - ammat" scholarship

"Where the plating - ammat" scholarships funded by ammat (China) chemical co., LTD., China surface engineering association electroplating branch organizations reporting and review.To domestic colleges and universities are in plating and related industry development and contribute to the outstanding young talent, reward or motivation to promote excellent young talents in the industry and electroplating and related industry.Since then also will continue to organize various activities, structures, production, communication platform, to strengthen industry technical personnel exchanges.The second is under "where the plating - ammat" scholarship review work.